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Defence Garden Scheme

July 29, 2021

The next next DGS course at the Grow project in Coleraine will be held in September, and are looking for participants .

This is a 10 week closed, military veteran only, entry level gardening programme. Individuals and small groups are introduced to basic horticultural skills as well as guided support for managing anxiety, depression and stress.
Sessions run every Tuesday from 10.00am to 1.00pm and are delivered by an experienced team of a head gardener and horticulturalist. No previous knowledge is required, just an interest in working together to a shared and common purpose as part of a small team of like minded individuals.
The Ashes to Gold garden, located in Coleraine, is safe, secure and spacious with a large polytunnel for those days when the weather is typical of Northern Ireland.

for more details For further information, contact Peter Finch at Ashes to Gold, using the phone
number or email below;
Tel: 028 70440386


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